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these pills make me fall asleep

i am a allergy sufferer.

i have asthma, heyfever and neurodermatitis.

and as my skin feels good this year, my asthma began to make my lung burn...

every time i do sports (which i have to do, because i want to take part in the german championchips), my chest feels way thinner than normally. i am unable to breath and i have to stop running, because it hurts like somebody choked you...


my mom had the idea to take the pills against that (we do have the biggest medicine chest in town i think) i took last year.

well, i take them in the evening now. and one week after i took the first one, i notice the sideeffects...

these pills make me fall asleep for days... !

today i slept 13hours and i would have slept longer if my mom hadn't woke me up ...


i don't think that i am going to take more of them, but i will have to if the allergy recures...


medicine is just fucked up chemisty.


BUT i am feeling goooood =D

"ensemble, c'est tout" if i am allowed to say that =)


have a nice day,


10.6.08 14:24

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